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China mesh belt line

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China mesh belt line







<!--StartFragment--><table><tbody><tr><td>A ZHUODA mesh belt conveyor furnace will process your work efficiently and economically If you produce light or medium weight parts where low cost, high volume production is required, typically free of oxidation and discoloration with less scale than other processes, passed the ISO9001: 2008 quality certification.<br>Product &nbsp;Introduction<br>The continuous mesh belt furnace equipped with the loading machine, pre-washing machine, carburizing quenching furnace, after cleaning machine, tempering furnace, etc. The furnace is particularly well suited to continuous production line operations accepting parts ready for heat processing and discharging them ready for assembly or packaging.<br>During the last 10 years, ZHUODA has built far more than 350 bright annealing furnace running successfully in domestic and abroad, covering Southeast Asia and Middle East Asia market. This impressively proves permanent high quality, reliability and low energy consumption. ZHUODA are expecting become your long-term partner in China.<br>Available Processes: carburizing hardening, quenching hardening, tempering<br>Protective Gas: according to process required <br>Parts to be treated: Such as standard parts, hand tools, hardware, automatic small parts, bicycle parts.<br>Heating Mode: Electricity <br>Product Parameter <br>Model TypeMain Furnace Power<br>(KW)Complete Line PowerRated Temperature<br>(℃)Temperature<br>Control ZoneCarbon Control ZoneEffective Working Size<br>LxWxH(mm)Quenching Production Capacity<br>(kg/h)Carburizing Production Capacity<br>(kg/h)<br>ZD60-960KW95KW950312400×500×8010080<br>ZD80-980KW135KW950313200×500×80180140<br>ZD100-9100KW165KW950314100×500×80200160<br>ZD140-9140KW240KW950414400×600×80250200<br>ZD170-9170KW280KW950526700×500×80350300<br>ZD180-9180KW290KW950525800×600×80380320<br>ZD200-9200KW320KW950526700×600×80420360<br>ZD240-9240KW380KW950526700×800×80500420<br>Note: Various size of furnace can be customized as your requirements<br>Product Features<br>1)Stable quality and durable<br>2)Efficient energy saving<br>3)Heating greatly improve the life of the radiant tube and maintenance easy to change.<br>4)Use advanced and reliable electric units in domestic and abroad.<br>5)Furnace lining is mainly made of light fiber which has the characteristics of fast brickwork and small <br>6)The whole furnace line with reliable control system, alarm system and safety system.<br>Production Details <br>Product &nbsp;Application<br>Manufacture ProcessChina mesh belt line<br>website:http://www.gdfurnace.com/mesh-belt-furnace/</td></tr></tbody></table>



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