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Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine price

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Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine price







<!--StartFragment--><table><tbody><tr><td>Main Feature:<br>Its maximum cutting speed is 100m/min. 1.0G acceleration speed. Total weight is 10000kg. Max bulk loading weight is 3000kg. Voltage 380v 50hz/60hz. Positioning precision: ±0.03mm/m. Repeted positioning precision: ±0.03mm. It can work 24 hours per day.<br>Welding of main body<br>The main body frame is welded with the carbon dioxide protection welding, with such advantages as stable welding process, free internal defect, minimum splash, etc. At present, such welding becomes the most important welding for the black metal material.<br>We have been sold nearly 300sets of tube cutter till now.<br>Name Quantity Model/ &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Specifications <br>Laser Head1 setFrom Germany<br>Laser Source1 set3000watt<br>Precise rack3 suitsGermany Alpha/ Switzerland &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Gudel<br>Precise straight guide rail8 suitsTaiwan HIWIN/PMI<br>Reducer (including gears)5 suitsJapan SHIMPO<br>Bottom hardware1 suitsPA9000<br>Control software1 suitsSigmaNEST<br>Fully automatic centering chunk1 suitsCustomized<br>AC servo motor and driver8 suitsSANYO DENKI/Panasonic<br>NESTING1 setUK RADAN<br>Electric control1 setFrance Schneider<br>Gas circuit control1 setSMC、CKD、Rexroth、Parker<br>Water Chiller1 setStandard<br>Waste recovery unit1 setStandard<br>Front/rear chuck exhaust tubing &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;system1 setStandard<br>Operating platform1 setStandard<br>Stabilizer1 setStandard<br>Exhaust Blower1 setStandard<br>Technical Parameters and Specification Description:<br>Performance &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;indexParameter<br>Material-cutting thickness0.5-10mm<br>Positioning precision±0.03mm/m<br>Repeted positioning precision±0.03mm<br>Maximum Running Speed100m/min<br>Maximum Accelerated Speed1G<br>Total Weight10000kg<br>Maximum Loading Ability in Bulk3000kg<br>Tube Maximum Loading Ability100kg<br>Machine Size (L*W*H)12000*3500*2800mm<br>Machine dimension: 12000x3500x2800mm<br>We can customer-made up to 7.5 meters tube cutting. Its unloading can be 6meters maximum.<br>Main Parts:<br>Germany IPG Laser Source:<br>Machine Details:<br> &nbsp;<br> <br>System:<br>High speed soft PLC development environment<br>German bottom hardware CNC system has a built-in high speed soft PLC development environment PLC-1131-3 DS, conforms to the IEC1131-3 standard, has a strong independent development capacity. It can freely expand loading and unloading and laser control, and has formed a complete production line with the SIEMENS SCADA system to write custom processing work, to achieve customer’s requirements of customization processing. Unique speed advantage greatly improve the production efficiency and processing quality, shorten the production cycle and reduce production costs.<br> <br>Nesting:<br>Radan software is developed secondarily on the basis of Solidworks, which is the first 3D CAD system developed on the basis of Windows in the world. Because the tec hnical innovation follows the development tide and trend of CAD technology, SolidWorks Company has become the most profitable company in the CAD/CAM industry within two years.By right of strong 3D proc essing capacity of SolidWorks, Radan Tube can freely read a large number of data and well support complex processing graphics. Additionally, it is able to normally pr ocess regular graphics such as round t ube,square tube, elliptical tube and polygonal tube, and also certain unsealed open tubes. The software can also improve the processing traces of angle steel, groove steel and I-shaped steel.<br> <br>This software has common functions such as lead adding, path compensation, micro-connection and parallel connection paths, etc. For tubular characteristics, there is a cutting path selection function for multiple processing paths; for offset of a selected sealed loop, geometric deviation function is adopted according to the offset direction and distance, as well as selection function for straight cutting, inner and outer profile cutting of through hole, so as to meet customer's different demands for processing surfaces.<br>Cutting Ability:<br>Power IPG 1000W IPG 2000W IPG 3000W <br>Material Theoretic &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Ability Good Cutting Theoretic &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Ability Good Cutting Theoretic &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Ability Good Cutting <br>Stainless Steel &nbsp;(N2) 4mm 3mm 5mm 4mm 8mm 6mm <br>Carbon Steel (O2) 6mm 5mm 8mm 6mm 10mm 10mm <br>Round Tube 20-210mm ※Cutting &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;ability will change according to the difficulty drawings of tube. <br>Square Tube 20*20mm-150*150mm <br>Other Shapes Tube 20-150mm <br>Samples:<br> &nbsp;<br> <br>One machine includes:<br>√ Machine bed<br>√ Laser source<br>√ Water chiller<br>√ Stabilizer<br>√ Exhaust blower<br>√ A pair of Goggle<br>Accessories:<br>√ Ceramic rings<br>√ Protective mirrors<br>√ Nozzle<br> &nbsp;<br>Machine Layout:<br>Reference:<br> <br>After-sales service:<br>Two engineers will be sent to customer local factory about 30 days for machine installing and operation training to make sure machine can run and work perfectly..<br>One year warranty. Installation Guide, Maintenance Guide, Training Guide and Unloading Guide.<br> <br>Packing and Transportation:<br>√ Machine Cleaning<br>√ Foam corner &amp; Film wrapping<br>√ Aluminum foil vacuum packing<br>√ Metal frame fixing<br>√ Seaworthy wooden case packing with film wrapping<br>√ Container loading &amp; Transportation<br>Company &amp; Factory Introduction:<br>We have Chinese biggest showroom 3,000 sqm. 27 sets machines for sample testing and end user engineers' training and opeating. Overseas subsidiary will be opened this year in Germany. 10,000 sqm Suzhou New Factory is opening this June.<br> <br> <br> <br>Our R&amp;D Team:<br>Our professional and independent R&amp;D department is an independent department. It has more than 60 engineers, including industrial designers, mechanical engineers, software engineers and electrical engineers. Every year, we will send core engineers to go overseas for exhibition visiting and study with German and Japanese technology.<br> <br>Professional Testing system:<br>√ Interferometer: We are the ONLY factory in China using Swiss imported Laser Interferometer.<br>√ Collimator: Test guide rail straightness, assuring accuracy<br>√ CMM: Three- coordinates measuring machine(CMM)-keep precision<br>√ Dial indicator: Taiwan HIWIN ballscrew and machine bed precision testing<br>Marble test: X,Y axis Verticality measurementTube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine price<br>website:http://www.metalmachinerygroup.com/tube-fiber-laser-cutting-machine/</td></tr></tbody></table>



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