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Svelte vs React – A Detailed Comparison

[color=var( --e-global-color-primary )]Introduction[/color]
Picking the right tool to develop your projects is a hustle. With new frameworks and protocols getting developed every year, it is hard to choose a pick. A similar situation arises between Svelte vs React. React.JS at this point is one of the  [color=var( --e-global-color-secondary )]most popularly used JavaScript frameworks . Svelte on the other hand is new, but gaining massive popularity each day and is now getting considered a worthy rival to React framework.
So, is Svelte better than React? Does React still hold value in the market? Is Svelte hard to learn? We will discuss all of these questions in this article and will assess between Svelte vs React performance, and which framework is better for your development project.
Before we start to differentiate between Svelte framework vs React, let's first look at the concepts first.