Tam Versiyon: Flaring Container Frame Transport Vehicle Made in China
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<!--StartFragment--><table><tbody><tr><td>At present, the wing container in some developed countries has been popularized, and the use of wing container transportation is also very common. I believe that the wing container will be popularized in the world in the near future. According to customer requirements, design and production of various special containers, because containers have specific uses, so in the design and production of higher requirements, the company has a superb design and technical team and advanced production equipment, Experienced operators provide quality assurance for products.<br><br><br>Application: mainly used for long-distance logistics transportation products: large volume, light weight, reasonable structure, beautiful and durable. The advantages of flying wing container side open container products, the enclosure and roof are 80 °deep tile technology, which makes the box lighter, stronger and more load-bearing. The second waterproof technology of the company is used at the side door, which emphasizes on perfecting the sealing effect of the box. The company has recently introduced more practical bamboo glue floor, characteristics: wear resistance, toughness, sealing, corrosion resistance is 5 times higher than the conventional floor, no peeling, no planing, no water absorption, the practical life is more than 10 years; all the box surface Standard ship paint shall be used for all surfaces;Flaring Container Frame Transport Vehicle Made in China<br>website:</td></tr></tbody></table>

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