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Title: Push Back Racking factory
Konu Modu
Push back racking: using the principle of combining rail and pallet trolley, the rail is at a certain slope (about 3掳Wink, using the weight of the goods, first in and out. It is suitable for storage of large quantities of goods with small varieties. Space utilization is very high, the access is more flexible and convenient.
The total depth of the push back racking should not be too deep, generally within the depth of 6 pallets. Otherwise, the space will be sacrificed greatly due to the embedding of the pallet trollies. The weight of a single pallet is generally less than 1500kg, and the height of the shelf is generally less than 6m.
Special attention: this type of system requires high manufacturing accuracy of the rack, and the cooperation between the pallet trolley and the guide rail is particularly important. If the manufacturing and installation accuracy is not high, it is easy to cause the racking system to run poorly.
Below are needed information to work out best design for you:
1.Pallet size:
We also need to know how many kinds of pallets you will store. So to work out best storage solution for you.
2.Warehouse size:
L:HBig Grin:
We will provide full set of storage solution for you.
As shown in the picture above, each tunnel can only contain goods of one color. Please pay special attention to this point.
Protection accessories:
Hope to have the opportunity to serve you. Provide you with more solutions.
Rail fixed on beamNo loading situation
Below are standard colors. If you need any other color, we will try best to satisfy.
ItemFinishRAL Color
Orange RAL2004
Blue RAL5015
Green RAL6018
Grey RAL7047
Case study: Push Back Racking factory
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